Resources for our Neighborhood

Lost/Found Pets

Help our neighbors be reunited with their furry friends! If you have lost or found a furry friend, please post on our Nextdoor Community site a photo and description. Residents can also check with the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter for lost/found pets. You may also call the shelter at 405.297.3100.

Garbage Collection

Garbage pickup is Thursday for most of the neighborhood. No pickup on holidays. Please do no put your bins out on holidays or any time except the night before pick up. Residents can find more details at the City of OKC.

Recycling is picked up every Thursday. Place bins next to your garbage bins.

Bulk waste pickup is once a month. No pickup on holidays.

Garage Sales

Oklahoma City residents may have two garage sales a year. Visit the City of OKC to find out more about obtaining a permit or call 405.297.2606.

Neighborhood Complaint

Do you have a neighbor complaint? Whether it’s an abandoned vehicle, high grass, noise, trash, a fence issue or any other neighborhood-related concern or violation, let the city know about it.

Report a Pothole

Is there a pothole on your street? You can email or call 405.631.1111 to report a pothole. Crews will need an accurate address or closest intersection to respond efficiently.

The Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission

Need a Certificate of Appropriateness or find out more on zoning rules? The Commission is responsible for the preservation and the enhancement of the Capitol area, which is, perhaps, the most important historical, political, and valuable real estate owned by the citizens of Oklahoma. Our neighborhood is located in the district and therefore any changes made to the exterior of the home will require a Certificate of Appropriateness. You may contact Ben Davis at 405.522.1652 for specific details on the steps you need to take to make changes to your home.

OKC Government

Our neighborhood is in Ward 7. John Pettis Jr is our Councilman. You can find out more about our elected officials from the City of OKC or call Councilman Jeff Pettis Jr. at 405.297.2569.

OK Government

The Senator for our district is Connie Johnson. Serving our district in the House of Representatives is Anastasia Pittman.

Technical Preservation Services

Technical Preservation Services has created web-based training features to provide in-depth training on historic preservation.

Historic Neighborhoods in the Metro Area