Join the Lincoln Terrace Neighborhood Association

Any resident of Lincoln Terrace – whether a property owner or renter – is eligible to become a member of the neighborhood association.

We benefit from the collective experience of all of our neighbors – whether you have lived here for decades, whether you have been involved in the past or if you are new to the neighborhood. Annual membership dues help to support the work of the association. The needs of the neighborhood continually change, but all have to do with strengthening the beauty, character, and friendliness of our neighborhood.

What you receive for paying your dues:

  • A wide range of social functions for you to get to know your neighbors
  • Quarterly newsletters informing you on the community around us – whether it is the OU Medical Center, the Capitol Medical Zoning Commission or events in our neighborhood
  • Beautification and upkeep of our neighborhood
  • Improved safety for our neighborhood

Dues are due annually in January. Membership is $40.00. That is just $3.33 a month! Join Today! You can pay online or complete the membership form and mail your payment today to start reaping the benefits of being a part of the Lincoln Terrace Neighborhood Association.

Not sure if you have paid your membership dues? Check our Membership List to see if you are current.