Neighborhood Safety

Above all else, a neighborhood must be a safe place to live. Lincoln Terrace Neighborhood Association has many initiatives to help make our neighborhood a safer place.

Neighborhood Watch

The neighborhood watch program allows residents to watch out for one another. Block captains are committed to working with residents living on their block to ensure everyone knows their neighbors. Residents are urged to get in touch with the block captain for their street to verify they have the most current contact information. Lincoln Terrace Neighbors always have their eyes open watching out for individuals who might not abide by the law.

If you notice anything suspicious, remember you can use Next Door to alert neighbors.

A few basic safety tips for residents

  • Lock up! Keep your home, your car, your garage, and your bicycles locked. Most thefts and attempted thefts occur because property is not locked.
  • Light your property and house number. Lights deter criminals, and a well-lit house number enables the police to find you quickly.
  • Say hello! Speak to everyone you see. Greetings make for a friendly neighborhood, and they also let potential troublemakers know they’ve been noticed.
  • Keep your car keys beside your bed and sound your car alarm if you spot an intruder.
  • Report suspicious activity to the police at 911.