Historic Preservation District

Historic Preservation District

Lincoln Terrace is in a Historic Preservation District. The Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission governs the neighborhood. The Commission maintains and enhances the unique, historical ambience of the Capitol, Health Center, neighborhoods, parks and museums in the area. All changes in the district must come before the commission for approval.

You will need to request a Certificate of Appropriateness BEFORE the commencement of work upon any structure or site. This includes homes in our neighborhood.

  • Whenever such work requires a building permit or fence permit.
  • Whenever such work includes the application of paint to a previously unpainted brink or masonry exterior surface or the construction or enlargement of a driveway.
  • Whenever such work includes the erection, moving, demolition, reconstruction, restoration or alteration of the exterior of any structure except when such work satisfies all the requirements for ordinary maintenance and repair.

District Restrictions

  • All structures and grounds and architectural features and details shall be maintained in accordance with historic preservation standards.
  • All interior portions of structures shall be kept in good repair to the extent necessary to prevent structural deterioration.
  • All exterior portions of the structure shall be structurally sound and the substructure and/or foundation shall be free from cracks, breaks or other damage and all building components including architectural and design features are intact and maintained.

You can locate the Certificate for Appropriateness, zoning rules and find out more about the commission by visiting their website.