Get Involved!

The best way to make our neighborhood better is to get involved! The Lincoln Terrace Neighborhood Association has several committees that you can be a part or you may choose to become a Board Member.

Beautification Committee

Members of the committee are involved with creating and maintaining a beautiful neighborhood. The committees plans and coordinates The Big Event held in the Spring. The committee also plants flowers in Nichols Park or the median, decorates for the holidays and notices beautiful yards in the neighborhood, by giving the Yard of the Month. The responsibility of the committee include landscape and upkeep of our neighborhood and watering of the median.

  • Chair: Matt & Jeff Wade

Board Members

Board Members devote time to LTNA fundraising events or special projects, prepare for, regularly attend and actively participate in board meetings and committee assignments. Board Members chair one committee or serve on two committees. Board Members are responsible for monitoring the long-range plans and programs for LTNA and enhance LTNA’s public image.

  • President: Laura Stone

Communication Committee

Members of the committee are involved with updating the neighborhood on community news, association notices and upcoming events. The responsibility of the committee is to update, produce and distribute the neighborhood newsletter, use social media resources, and maintain regular e-mail communication to keep neighbors informed about neighborhood news.

  • Chair:

Fundraising Committee

The committee looks for opportunities to generate income to help strengthen our neighborhood. Fundraising activities include membership recruitment, a Progressive Dinner, newsletter sponsorships, neighborhood donations / sponsorships and grants. The responsibility of the committee is to make sure all activities are properly funded.

  • Chair: Dustin Murer

Home Tour Committee

The committee organizes and runs the annual Home Tour. The responsibility of the committee is selection of homes, research on each home, coordinating ticket sales, home owner thank you gifts and recruiting volunteers. This is the association’s largest fundraiser.

  • Co-Chairs: Samonia Byford & Jimmy Rupp

Sidewalk Committee

The committee is developing a plan to improve our sidewalks. The responsibility of the committee will be to determine a plan to move the initiative forward.

  • Chair: Samonia Byford

Social Committee

The committee plans, coordinates and hosts numerous neighborhood functions throughout the year. Events include Marathon Cheering Party, Music Festival, Fall Festival, General Meetings and Holiday Party. The responsibility of the committee is planning, arranging and communicating all neighborhood social functions.

  • Chair: Mark Smith & Brie Dorr

Welcoming Committee

The welcoming committee is involved with welcoming new neighbors to the neighborhood. Block Captains are part of this committee and encourage neighbors to join the association, host block parties, and make sure all of their block receives the quarterly newsletter. A Block Captain should live on the block that they represent to ensure that all new neighbors are welcomed to our neighborhood and to foster better communication with all our neighbors.

  • Chair: Laura Stone