The Old Part

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has converted and reconverted many of the homes as classrooms, restaurants (the Faculty House on 14th Street) and dorms. With the Harn Homestead, the Oklahoma Historical Society, the State Capitol, the Governor’s Mansion and the various hospitals and medical research centers surrounding the neighborhood, Lincoln Terrace definitely has its link to this state.

For a great deal of information about the neighborhood and its history, please read Historical Homes of Lincoln Terrace, edited by James Edwin Alexander (c) 1993, Macedon Production Company (Southwest Heritage Publications).

New Life for an Old Neighborhood

Our neighborhood takes pride in its friendly atmosphere, its strong sense of community, and its place in Oklahoma’s history. The Lincoln Terrace Neighborhood Association is growing in size and energy. Meetings provide a time to compare notes on how to maintain and renew old homes, social activities help neighbors to meet neighbors and both are a way to share the challenges and benefits of living in a historic neighborhood. Rather than a ‘tattle on the neighbors’ or ‘meet for the sake of meeting’ group, the association is working on fixing safety and traffic issues, providing a network for information sharing (need to know the best contractors? electricians?) and helping folks meet folks.