Home Renovations

If you look around the neighborhood, you see a lot of renovation going on to restore the character of our neighborhoods beautiful homes. Many neighbors have agreed to share photos of the before and after, once the work is completed. You can even follow along the progress of one home on 16th street via their blog.

In the Fall, the Whitney’s did a lot of renovation on their home on 17th Street. Many of you might remember their home from the Progressive Dinner, it was the Dessert Home. Before they hosted us, they did a lot of  work. Here is a bit more information about the work they did in the Fall.

“Well, week 1 didn’t have enough completed for our contractor’s liking, so he’s brought in some additional help to get everything back on schedule. These guys have really been a big help! The whole upstairs is now ready for texturing – the stairwell looks a little eerie but pretty with its plastic wrapping. The guest bedroom that had the staining and bad wallpaper looks so much better now! I’s time for me to add some elbow grease too: Nearly all of the door handles, drawer pulls and window and door hardware are original, and caked in varying layers of paint, dirt and rust, so I’m giving them a good cleaning and a little TLC to keep things on track.”

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