OG&E offers saving on electricity and our neighborhood earns $$

Lincoln Terrace has joined the OG&E GREAT Neighborhoods program to help make Oklahoma City an energy wise, clean and green city.

For those of you interested in participating in OG&E’s program to save you money on your electric bill, sign-up for their SmartHours Plan. and/or schedule a HEEP audit. If you do this, our neighborhood association will receive $5.00 for every residence signing up for SmartHours by December 21, 2012. We will receive $10.00 for every HEEP audit paid for by September 15, 2012.

Just by opting into the SmartHours program, you’ll enjoy a special low rate for your energy usage weekdays, 7pm – 2 pm as well as all day during the weekends and holidays. Customers are guaranteed to pay no more next summer than they did this summer.

The HEEP Audit is valued at $350 for a cost of $50. They will check your insulation and ventilation, home air leakage, windows, lighting efficiency, and heating and cooling efficiency. You will receive a free air conditioner tune-up and duct inspection. You will be given a report of recommendations and an energy efficiency kit with weather-strip, door sweeps, caulk and more.

Our neighborhood is compensated for each residence who joins the SmartHours program. Sign up online. The first screen prompts for your OG&E account number and last four digts of your social security number. On the next screen be sure to click the bottom question “How did you hear about this?” Select “other” and enter NLincolnTerrace for our neighborhood to get credit.

Our neighborhood is also compensated for each residence that performs a HEEP audit. Sign up online.

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