Strong Neighborhood Initiative

The City of Oklahoma City has created a new neighborhood revitalization program whose purpose cheap jerseys China is to strengthen neighborhoods through the development and completion of a five year revitalization plan to improve the physical environment, social conditions, and economic health. The City has defined three different areas don within the City to begin this effort. wholesale jerseys China One of the areas identified is bounded by NE 13th, Lincoln Boulevard, NE 16th and N Walnut Avenue. The western edge of our cheap jerseys Neighborhood Association is included in this area. This will be accomplished by a partnership between the Lincoln Terrace Neighborhood Association, Classen’s North Highland Parked Neighborhood Association, the City, Neighborhood Alliance and other community partners.

The LTNA Board has approved wholesale the contract with the City to move forward on this endeavor. We have established a Jason steering committee to work with representatives from Classen’s North Highland Parked Neighborhood Association, the City and Neighborhood Alliance. The initial phase cheap mlb jerseys of this project will be completed by the end of the year. You will have the opportunity to be involved in community meetings to offer your input in the coming months.

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