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What residents are saying...

"My favorite thing about Lincoln Terrace is the neighbors are all so friendly!" - Holly

December 2015 Yard of the Month

Tommy Matthews & Jimmy Rupp ~ 727 NE 20 Street

727 NE 20 St - December Yard of the Month

Who captured the Holiday Spirit?

Christmas LightsDo you have a child 18 years or younger? If so have them cast their vote for the December Yard of the Month. This months theme is Capturing the Holiday Spirit and who does that better than children? So the children in the neighborhood have the honor of voting for this months winner.

There have been three homes nominated. Pictures don’t do the house justice, so take the children out for a drive to see first hand how bright and beautiful these homes are.

Children can cast their vote here. Parents feel free to help the youngsters!

You must cast your vote by Saturday, December 19.

November 2015 Yard of the Month

Peter & Hillary Farrell ~ 746 NE 18 Street

2015 November Yard of the Month